Friday, November 6, 2009

In Simon Maloy's post, "The tea party teapot tempest rages on," the author talks about the ridiculous accusations made by conservatives in politics and the media regarding President Obama's back-to-school address. Though, the accusing parties were really just attempting to build controversy from nothing. The author effectively speaks to his audience of liberal-oriented, politically knowledgeable citizens. Maloy's credibility is evident and shown in his knowledge of the conservative party and conservative media's various controversial attempts to essentially make problems out of thin air.

He accurately calls the conservative media out on their attempts to make
Rep. Joe Wilson a political hero after his incredibly disrespectful outburst during the president's address to restate the case for health care reform. Maloy brings needed attention to the fact that the reporting surrounding Wilson's childish outburst strayed from the fact that the incident was utterly disrespectful and very, truly wrong. I think Simon Maloy's main point in the whole article was that the media outlet is broken. "It's a symptom of a broken media culture that a small group of fringe conservatives can scream insults and falsehoods at the president or their representatives in Congress, bring no facts to bear in support of their allegations, and still be treated as major players in a policy debate."

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